PASC (Offshore Units)

Air Conditioner Split Computer Room Units (Offshore Units)

Air Conditioner Split Computer Room Units (Offshore Units)

Petra’s PASC units are specifically designed to be used where temperature, humidified and filtered air must be controlled continuously within close tolerance limits. They can be installed in system control centers, telecommunication centers, laboratories and computer server data rooms amongst others.

Petra’s PASC – Offshore units are designed and constructed of stainless steel structure, to withstand corrosive offshore environments, factory tested and commissioned to verify performance that meets operational requirements for different applications.

  • Petra PASC units has been developed and based on proven design and in house testing according to the highest international standards. It is used in various of systems all over the world
  • Petra PASC units provides the highest energy efficiency both at operating & running conditions and thus provides the lowest operating cost. This is achieved by using the most reliable and energy efficient electronic components.
  • Savings are obtained by using optional digital scroll compressor, EC fan motors, external rotor condenser fans and Petra piece of art microprocessor controller
  • Unmatched corrosion resistance with oven baked powder coat (5,000 hours salt spray test) the highest in industry.
  • Microprocessor controller built to space requirements with intelligent alarm and diagnostic system that can prevent a problem before it occurs. Full refrigerant system control with air delivery variation to deliver the specific space load requirements with the lowest energy consumption ever
  • Down flow and up flow configurations are available to suit a wide range of room applications. Different choice of compressors from on/off or digital to match space performance with optimal efficiency
  • Front access panel for service and maintenance that saves floor space. Front access using hinged doors, allows
  • Petra PASC4 to be mounted against a wall or partitions on adjacent to or back at other equipment. All unit component are accessible from the front panels for maintenance or replacement Built-in humidity and reheat devices. Ozone friendly refrigerants (R-407c & R-410a). Full microprocessor control panel with different BMS connectivity’s and full diagnostic system


  • All units are constructed of stainless steel
  • Suction gas-cooled hermetic scroll compressor with low sound and superior efficiency
  • EC fans used to increase energy efficiency and provide supply fan technology control operation
  • Coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically-expanded into aluminum fins to be suitable for working at 2,068 kPa (300 Psi) air pressure
  • MERV 8, 50 mm (2.0 inch) nominal thickness pleated flat filter. Filters shall have an arrestance of 90-95% with equivalent European efficiency class of G4
  • Finned tube electrical heating elements with automatic thermal safety cutout and contactors
  • Steam humidifier controlled using highly advanced microprocessor technology


  • Condenser fans shall be of the external rotor type
  • Condenser coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically-expanded into aluminum fins to be suitable for working at 2,068 kPa (300 Psi) air pressure
  • Digital scroll compressor
  • Copper tubes aluminum fins & copper tubes copper fins coil
  • Coil corrosion protection including polyurethane pre-coating (for aluminum fins) and polyurethane post-coating (for aluminum & copper fins)
  • Double Width Double Inlet (DWDI) forward curves centrifugal belt driven type fan
  • Water cooled condenser is available
  • Touch screen user friendly LCD controller
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