Why Petra

Leadership and agility coupled with our innovative design and engineering capabilities give Petra the competitive edge it needs to bring to market high quality HVAC equipment.

The goal is to offer customers dexterous solutions in energy efficiency, ultra-low noise, and high standards of air quality using custom-made technologies that set new standards in the HVAC industry.

Petra’s Driving Force:

  • Energy Efficient Products – Energy Saving Solutions.
  • Low Noise Solutions.
  • Reliability – Advanced Design and High Quality Components.
  • Communication – Integrated Communication Protocols.
  • Quick delivery – Short Lead Times.
  • After Sales Service & Spare Parts Availability.
  • Continued Research & Development.

Petra believes that the road to success lies in providing:

Quality, Innovation, Environmental Solutions, Quick Delivery, Exceptional After-sales Service, and Competitive Pricing in order to insure and enhance Customer Satisfaction.