Petra’s Policy Towards Quality & Environment

Petra Engineering Industries Company is considered a premier designer and manufacturer of HVAC equipment in the region. Petra is certified with the ISO 9001:2015-QMS, ISO 14001:2015-EMS, CE Mark, EMC and is  ETL Listed, and AHRI certifications for all its products.

EUROVENT for AHU and Chilled water units, and energy efficiency (EER) certificates in the Saudi market for the domestic products. At the national level of excellence, Petra has been awarded the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for two successive cycles, the second cycle in 2002 and the third cycle in 2004 for the Large Manufacturing Category.

In 2005, Petra became the first company in Jordan to be made a member of the Golden List Program, which is a declaration from the Jordan Customs Department that Petra is classified under the low risk category for the Export Model. Also Petra has been awarded the investor of the year Award 2005 in the category of Significant Employment Generating Investment presented by MENA-OECD. Petra got Jordanian quality mark (JQM) for all products, also the energy efficiency (EER) certificates for the domestic products in Jordanian market.

Petra recognizes its responsibility towards quality, environment, and its obligations to provide a consistent product and minimize its environmental impacts through activities, design, production and services of its products. Petra has the following objectives:

  • Quality

    • Produce A/C units with consistent quality to meet customer requirements
    • Guarantee after sales service
    • Continual design improvement & modernize of product
    • Improving production processes
    • Opening new markets and increasing sales
    • To raise customer satisfaction for the products & services provided by Petra
    • Maintaining labor health & safety by adopting the OHSAS management system

  • Environmental

    • Reducing waste to the minimum through design and production, and effective use of natural resources
    • Reducing energy and water consumption to the minimum
    • Reducing and controlling environmental pollutants to the minimum
    • Reducing and controlling diesel and water consumption to the minimum

The company is committed to comply with the following:

  • Quality

    • Legal and technical requirements related to A/C units
    • Continual improvement in QMS
    • Continual Improvement to enhance better health and safety conditions

  • Environmental

      • Legal and other related environmental issues in A/C units
      • Continual improvement in EMS

The company will achieve this policy through the following framework:

  • Continual implementation of QMS, EMS, according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Establishing QMS and EMS programs to achieve objectives.
  • Provide employees with awareness and training in QMS and EMS.
  • Carry out internal QMS and EMS audits on regular basis.
  • Conduct reviews of QMS and EMS by top management on regular basis to maintain continuity and effectiveness of the systems.
  • Implementing of social responsibility principles according to ISO26000 where applicable.

Top Management is responsible for establishing this policy which is publicly available. Additional responsibility for running the system is carried out by the Quality/Environmental Manager along with the involvement of all Petra employees.