Research & Development

Petra is committed to customer driven product developments. Our R&D teams are dedicated to continuously improve product performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Living up to this commitment, Petra’s R&D facility is equipped with state of the art equipment designed to conduct various tests according to applicable AHRI, AMCA and ASHRAE standards.

Some of Petra’s R&D activities are:

  • Simulate field operation.
  • Noise testing.
  • Research and develop new products including ” Green Products “.
  • Energy and efficiency testing.
  • Develop and integrate advanced technologies.
  • Collaborative research with industry leaders.
  • Third party testing of competitive products.

Research & Development – KSA

Petra’s R&D KSA Testing Facility, with a total over all area of 840 sq.m, is fully equipped with the all facilities and equipment that make it capable of testing units for thermal ratings under the most accurate simulated operating conditions. The testing facility has the capability to simulate ambient temperatures and achieve water flow rates up to 1500 GPM in the thermal lab, as well as testing sound pressure levels in sound lab using special instruments.

Petra’s R&D KSA : Facility

  • Thermal Lab
  •  Acoustic Lab
  • Control Rooms
  • Engineers Offices
  • Pump Rooms
  • Split Unit Testing Chamber