Mini Computer Room Units – Ceiling / Wall / Floor Mounted

Mini Computer Room Units – Ceiling / Wall / Floor Mounted

Petra understands the importance of environmental control for sensitive equipment and offers its Mini Computer Room Split Air Conditioner “PASC CM” series. PASC CM Series is specifically designed to be used wherever temperature, humidity and filtered air have to be controlled continuously within close tolerance limits

Petra PASC CM units has been developed and based on proven design and in house testing according to the highest international standards. It is used in various of systems all over the world

Petra PASC CM units provide the highest energy efficiency and thus provides the lowest operating cost. This is achieved by using the most reliable and energy efficient electronic components. Savings are obtained by using Petra “piece of art” microprocessor controller

  • PASC CM units feature slim & compact footprints and are suitable for minimal service requirement spacing installation
  • Unmatched corrosion resistance with oven baked polyester electrostatic powder coat certified up to 5,000 hours salt spray test as per ASTM 117 A&B
  • Microprocessor controller built to space requirements with intelligent alarm and diagnostic system that can prevent a problem before it occurs
  • Full refrigerant system control with air delivery variation to deliver the specific space load requirements with the lowest energy consumption ever
  • Wall mounted and floor mounted configurations are available to suit a wide range of rooms applications
  • Front access panel for service and maintenance that saves floor space. Front access allows Petra PASC CM to be mounted against a wall or partitions on adjacent to or back at other equipment
  • Built-in humidity and reheat devices
  • Ozone friendly refrigerants (R-407c & R-410a)
  • Full microprocessor control panel with different BMS connectivities and full diagnostic system
  • Pleated & Synthetic media filters are available
  • Copper tubes aluminum fins & copper tubes copper fins coil
  • Coil corrosion protection including polyurethane pre-coating (for aluminum fins) and polyurethane post-coating (for aluminum & copper fins)
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