Petra Computer Room Air Handling Units

Petra Computer Room Air Handling Units

A Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) is a device that is being frequently used in mission critical and data centers applications to control heat loads produced by the equipment inside the building. Such heating loads are being generated by servers, UPS systems, power distribution units, static and automatic transfer switches, switchgears and other electrical equipment that produces heat during normal operation. The CRAH unit uses fans, chilled water cooling coils and a water-chiller system to remove such heat.

Petra`s CRAH units series “PASC/PAH” offers a cost-effective cooling solution, low maintenance, energy efficient and reliable engineering solution for data centers and critical mission projects. Petra`s customization capability along with superior construction characteristics and high quality of production, enable Petra to provide flexible designs that can match the requirements of each specific building, reduce installation cost and maximize energy savings for end users.

Backed with our state of the art R&D lab, Petra CRAH “PASC/PAH” units can be fully tested in house and all design and performance parameters are verified before shipment.

Petra has provided and installed CRAH units to many large data centers and mission critical buildings and facilities worldwide.

  • AHRI Standard 1360, “Datacom Cooling”
  • ASHRAE 90.1, “Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Buildings”
  • Conform to UL 1995-2000 under “Intertek testing Services” and bear the ETL/cETL mark
  • All chilled water coils are AHRI 410 labeled & certified
  • Down flow and up flow configurations are available to suit a wide range of rooms applications
  • Raised floor mounting with floor stands
  • Front access panel for service and maintenance that saves floor space.
  • Microprocessor controller built to space requirements with intelligent alarm and diagnostic systems that can prevent problems before they occur
  • No metal through panels & doors
  • Compact & extended footprint design
  • Microprocessor controller
  • SWSI vertical direct driven EC fans with external rotor motor, statically and dynamically balanced
  • Copper tubes – Aluminum fins cooling coils (AHRI 410 labeled & certified)
  • 2” thick pleated (MERV 8) flat/angle filter in a painted galvanized steel frame with front withdrawal access
  • 2” No metal through injected foam panels
  • Electrostatic polyester powder coat oven baked paint. Color is BLACK (RAL 9005)
  • Front access for all components
  • Electrical panels and transformers are enclosed in a NEMA 3R, Petra made painted galvanized steel box construction
  • Water detection sensor
  • Chilled water valve package (2-way valve, strainer, shut off valve)
  • Smoke detector
  • Stainless steel or aluminum panels
  • Floor stand
  • Adjustable feet for unit or floor stand
  • Full performance test at Petra” state of the art” R&D lab
  • Integral Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) with 2 power supplies to ATS (emergency and utility)
  • MERV 13 filter media
  • 4” thick filter media & racks
  • Stainless steel filter frame
  • Dirty filter switch
  • Filter pressure gauge
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