Petra Variable Refrigerant Flow System

Petra Variable Refrigerant Flow System

Petra Variable Refrigerant Flow (PVRF) with DC inverter compressor and R410-A refrigerant, offer a wide range of capacities to meet the customer requirements for different applications.

Petra PVRF is a linear system makes use of a variable Proportional Integral (PI) control system which uses refrigerant pressure sensors to give added control over inverter and ON /OFF control compressors in order to abbreviate control steps into smaller units to provide precise control in both small and larger areas.

Petra PVRF system enables individual control of up to 64 indoor units of different capacity and type at a ratio of 50~130 % in comparison with outdoor units capacity.

Petra PVRF system can reach the desired temperature quicker and steadily maintains it without wide fluctuations. That means uninterrupted comfort and significant energy savings.

PVRF systems have low running costs because it permits each zone to be controlled individually. That is, only those rooms that require air conditioning will be heated or cooled, while the system can be shut down completely in rooms where no air conditioning is required Many kinds of indoor units are available, including vertical and horizontal installation types, exposed and concealed type, with ability to connect all types of indoor units from 12 up to 64 units to one combination of outdoor unit.

The available evaporator sections are:

    • Low static pressure fan coil unit (RAC)
    • Medium static pressure fan coil unit (CMD)
    • High static pressure comfort maker (CM)
    • Wall type mini split unit
    • Universal type mini split unit
    • Cassette type mini split unit
  • R-410A ozone friendly Refrigerant
  • Easy Installation with combined modules
  • Wide Capacity Range
  • High Efficiency and More Energy Saving
  • DC Variable-Speed Technology
  • Wide Operating Range (-20 ~ 48 °C / -4 ~ 118 °F)
  • Space Saving
  • Reduction of Piping Cost by Smaller Piping Size
  • Extend pipe length and height
  • Auto Restart Function
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • High efficiency Inverter Scroll Compressor
  • Petra’s flat-shaped air-cooled condenser coils are designed to deliver their duties with optimum performance for all design conditions. Coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes
  • All coils are air pressure tested by dry air up to 2,900 kPa (420 Psi) under water. They also undergo dry cleaning after manufacturing for optimum system cleanness
  • Condenser fans of the external rotor type with many attractive features such as space saving, compact design, optimum cooling, full speed controllability and low starting currents
  • Easily accessible system components
  • Petra paint is certified up to 5000 hours salt spray test as per ASTM 117 A&B
  • Liquid, discharge and suction pipes are all hard copper pipes. They are formed using automated CNC pipe bending machines in order to minimize pipe-brazed joints which in turn increases system Reliability
  • Components of each refrigeration circuit:
    • Liquid line shut off valve
    • Filter drier
    • Suction accumulator
    • High/Low safety pressure switch
    • Suction line service valves
  • Inverter for Condenser fan which extend the life time for condenser fan motor by smoother drive of fans with lower noise
  • Free terminal for remote ON/OFF connection
  • Free terminal for general alarm output
  • Control voltage is 220-240V for all components
  • Single point power connection for each electrical panel
  • Starting contactors for compressors and condenser fan motors
  • Control circuit breaker for short circuit protection
  • Short cycling protection for compressors (time delay)
  • Controller for full management of PVRF operation and safety circuits
  • Power supply monitor (phase failure relay) used to protect the power circuit against over or under voltage conditions and against phase loss or loss reversing conditions
  • Direct online start
  • Nema 3X with IP54 minimum enclosure standard electrical panel. Two separate panels, one for power & the other for control
  • Copper tubes copper fins coil
  • Coil corrosion protection including polyurethane pre-coating (for aluminum fins) and polyurethane post-coating (for aluminum & copper fins)
  • Sound reduction options including low rpm condenser fan & compressor jacket
  • Pressure gauges for monitoring of refrigeration discharge and suction pressure
  • Main disconnect switch used to de-energize the power supply to the chiller during servicing or repairing works because of the door interlock with an external handle that is installed on the electric panel door
  • Earth leakage relay used in electrical installations with high earth impedance to prevent shock
  • Ampere-meter & volt-meter used to measure the power current & voltage consumption Ampere-meter is used for each phase
  • Dual power connection, one power entry for compressors & the second for the rest of the unit
  • External over load for each compressor
  • External over load for each condenser fan motor
  • Circuit breaker for each compressor
  • Circuit breaker for each condenser fan motor
  • Nema 4x electrical panels made from galvanized steel
  • Nema 4x electrical panels made from stainless steel
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