DSP – Low Capacity

Petra Ducted Split Units

Petra Ducted Split Units

Petra air-cooled condensing units may be connected to a wide range of Petra indoor units, making them ideal for use in residential and commercial applications such as homes, stores, shops, villas, restaurants, commercial complexes, offices, laboratories, etc.

DSP Low Capacity units can be used for cooling or heating with the optional heat pump. Additional optional controls and accessories are available to meet different design requirements

DSP Low Capacity units consist of two sections: The evaporator section (RAC, CMD or CM unit) and the condenser section (DSP unit) of matching size. This series is available in a capacity range of 4 to 18 Nominal kW (15 to 60 Nominal MBH)

  • The high quality compressor in the outdoor unit provide highly efficient and quiet operation. The compressor is scroll type, hermetically sealed and with internal high temperature Motor overload protection
  • Petra DSP Low Capacity unit is designed with elegance to blend with any architectural design. Made from galvanized sheet metal and painted with rustproof electro static paint. DSP unit can withstand the harshest weather such as very high humidity, rain and other harsh conditions
  • The condenser is designed to reduce the electricity consumption of the units. Even in the harshest conditions, the condenser performs with the highest level of efficiency in accordance with internationally accepted standards
  • To ensure the best performance, all condensing units in the DSP Low Capacity series are factory-run tested, produced in an ISO 9001-2015 listed manufacturing facility
  • Installation is made quick and easy with complete factory wiring, easy lifting provisions, factory installed options and start-up. To eliminate potential start-up problems, a complete factory- test run is performed on each unit
  • To protect our environment, Petra has adopted the new ozone friendly CFC-free refrigerants in its line of ducted split units. DSP Low capacity series is available with R410a, R407c & R134a
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel casing with weatherproof, polyester powder electrostatic paint, oven-baked to ensure maximum gloss and hardness
  • Low noise, hermetically sealed, high efficiency scroll hermetic compressors
  • Compressors are installed with internal thermal motor protection (Suitable for cooling and heat pump application)
  • Coils are designed to function with optimum performance in all design conditions. They are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum fins
  • All coils are air pressure tested at 450 Psi, under water to avoid leakage. They also undergo dry chemical cleaning after manufacturing for optimum system cleanness
  • All condenser fans are selected for optimum efficiency and for maximum sound power reduction
  • Fan blades are corrosion resistant and are statically and dynamically balanced before installation
  • Service charging nipples at the valves
  • Expansion device (Except when installed with CM units)
  • Pre-charged outdoor unit with shut off valves [enough charge for indoor+outdoor+16.4 ft (5m) pipe kit]
  • Control and power panels include the direct-online starting for the compressor and fan motor condenser
  • 220-240 volts as the standard control voltage (for control circuits)
  • Compressor time delay relay (anti re-cycling protection through controller)
  • One power supply in the outdoor unit
  • Internal thermal protection for all motors (compressor and condenser fan)
  • Room temperature controller (hung-down microprocessor controller)
  • High and low pressure protection using controller
  • Plastic coil guard protection on condenser coil
  • Compressor sound jacket
  • Copper fins copper tubes condenser coil
  • Heat pump application with a suction accumulator and 4-way reversing valve as standard features in the heat pump option
  • Suction accumulator for the cooling only unit (for low suction applications)
  • Sight glass (loose item)
  • Filter drier (disposable type, loose item)
  • Solenoid valve (for cooling only units, loose item)
  • Low ambient operation control using the fan speed controller (modulating type)
  • Phase failure relay (only for units with three phase power supply)
  • External over-load for motors (compressor, condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor only for units with three-phase power supply)
  • Power circuit breaker for the whole unit built inside the electrical panel
  • Control circuit breaker
  • Power circuit breaker for motors (compressor, condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor).
  • Finned tube electric heater with electric heating element and automatic thermal safety
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