Split Unit with Inverter

Petra offers its new split units with inverter compressor in a compact and elegant new design. The new design has a modern look, which makes it a perfect choice for any kind of room and allows it to blend into most interior decorations. The new design cools and heats your space effectively. Petra new series of Mini splits Heat pump inverter units are charged with environmentally friendly refrigerant and provide unmatched indoor air quality with superior cooling and heating performance. Petra new series comes in three different indoor unit’s style to match any and all the requirements of the space:

    • Wall mounted type
    • Ceiling mounted Cassatt type
    • Floor mounted Free Standing type

1- Shortcut Function With this button you can preset all the parameters (like temperature, operation mode, fan speed and other functions).

Every time you press the “SHORT CUT” button, the unit will run under the mode that was recorded. You do not need to reset the parameters after they are adjusted by other users.

2- Louver Position Memory Function when the unit is started, the angle of horizontal louvers will automatically move to the same position as the previously set angle.

3- Easy Maintenance Simplified PCB design and installation and refrigerant leakage detection function, make the outdoor unit easier to maintain

  • Powerful Heating Performance With the combination of Twin rotary DC compressor, EXV and PFC module, the heating performance in low temperature has been greatly improved.
  • 3D DC Inverter In addition to the compressor motor, both of the indoor and outdoor fan motors are Brushless DC (BLDC) type.
  • DC Inverter °180 Sine Wave The new °180 Sine Wave DC inverter driving technology has considerable advantages:
    • Applicable much wider range of frequency and voltage
    • Smooth running, low noise and vibration
    • More reliable in operation

1- Silver Ion Filter The Silver ion can kill bacteria or prevent their activity at very low density by destroying their inner-configuration and absorbing their elements in cells. Meanwhile, the Nano Silver attached on the filter release the Silver ion constantly to eliminate bacteria effectively.

2- Bio Filter Bio Filter consists of a specialized biological enzyme and Eco filter. The Eco filter catches very small airborne dust particles and neutralities bacteria, fungi and microbes. Biological enzyme eliminates bacteria by dissolving their cell wall thus eliminating the problem of resolution.

3- Plasma Dust Collector the Plasma Dust Collector can generate an ionization zone. The air is converted to plasma as it passes the high voltage ion generator. %95 of the dust, smoke, and pollen particles are attracted to the electrostatic filter.

4- Multi indoor fan speeds with up to 12 indoor fan speeds, a more comfortable air flow is provided

5- Ionizer Anions can take care of your body and stimulate the blood circulation system, improve lung function and eff¬ectively prevent respiratory passage illnesses (Such as asthma and pneumonia).

6- Super-Silent Air Flow In addition to the technology of controlling the air flow volume and capacity output, a large diameter cross-flow fan can minimize the noise level of the indoor unit by lowering fan speed and optimizing air flow.

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