WPPH – 100 DOAS Water Cooled

Petra 100% DOAS Water Cooled Package Unit


Petra 100% DOAS Water Cooled Package Unit

It is becoming increasingly important to create a whole set of solutions for 100% DOAS units, where all accessories can be included, furnished and controlled with optimum performance and quality in a single piece unit

Petra Engineering Industries provides a unique solution in a quality made unit with humidity control in addition to a vast choice of accessories and options to suit project requirements. Petra manufacturers units from 5 to 300 Tons, distinguished by their small foot print and high efficiencies. Petra design efficiencies far exceed AHRI 920 for DOAS

  • Structural welded galvanized steel C-channel base with full supporting cross members, equipped with screwed-in lifting lugs (eye bolts) of suitable loading capacity which are fitted on a welded bracket to the side of the C- channel
  • Double Wall G-90 galvanized steel
  • 50 mm (2”) injected foam, 3 pcf insulation density as minimum
  • Thermally broken Panels & doors along full unit circumference (roof, floor & wall panels)
  • 16-20 gauge painted interior and exterior panels
  • Each panel a machine applied foam gasket that seals all around its edges
  • Standard Cu/Al DX-coil with stainless steel casing
  • Cu/Al hot water coil with stainless steel casing
  • Cu/Al heat pipe coil with stainless steel casing
  • Cu/Al hot gas reheat coil (HGRC) with stainless steel casing
  • Economizer coil “free cooling” for energy saving as optional
  • Stainless steel double sloped drain pan under all coils (extended)
  • Single width single inlet (SWSI) EC fans
  • All fans are statically and dynamically balanced
  • EC fan is controlled by unit microprocessor controller
  • NEMA 3X minimum panel enclosure
  • Panel door has a door retainer to keep door open during service
  • Standard 50 mm (2”) thick pleated (MERV 8) flat filter in a painted galvanized steel frame with side withdrawal access
  • Digital or VFD controlled high efficiency scroll compressor
  • Independent/dependent circuits to provide redundancy
  • Unit is easy accessible with access doors or removable panels
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger as standard
  • Electronic expansion valve is standard with variable speed compressor
  • Exhaust Gravity Shutter made from G90 painted galvanized steel (gauge 20)
  • Sensible Core energy recovery cross flow heat exchanger, consists of alternate Layers of plates; separated and sealed
  • Copper tubes copper fins coil
  • Coil corrosion protection including polyurethane pre-coating (for aluminum fins) and polyurethane post-coating (for aluminum & copper fins)
  • Sound reduction options including low rpm condenser fan & compressor jacket
  • Availability of using Heat Pipe coil which increase the EER “Energy Efficiency Ratio” with same unit’s foot print
  • Gas Heater and Electric Heater
  • SCR Control for Electric Heater
  • Modulating Kit for Gas Heater
  • Stainless steel and aluminum panels are optional
  • SWSI plenum & DWDI centrifugal fans are optional
  • Piezometer ring air flow measurement
  • VFD for SWSI plenum & DWDI centrifugal fans
  • Vibration isolators are available in rubber-in-shear, 1” open type springs or 2” seismic springs for base mounted fans
  • MERV 13 filter media
  • Angle filter design
  • 4”, 6” & 12” thick filter media
  • Dirty filter switch
  • Filter pressure gauge
  • Shell & tube condenser
  • Enthalpy core plate heat Exchanger is optional
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