Petra Water Source Package Unit

Petra Water Source Package Unit

PETRA Water Source Package (PWSP) is the indoor unit in the ESC system. It is a self- contained reverse cycle A/C unit that supplies either cold or warm air to the application space with highly efficient performance using an internal room thermostat (controller). This compact unit has different designs such as free- standing, ducted, concealed and floor mounted cabinet types to fit all customer requirements

The compact design of the PWSP makes installation easier by eliminating refrigerant lines between the indoor and outdoor unit in residential applications, shops, hospitals, and restaurants

Also, the design of the PWSP focuses on simplicity of maintenance since all accessible components are situated in one place. PWSP has a special noise isolating patented design compartment surrounding the compressor, which achieves the lowest noise level in the market for such applications

PWSP series includes 15 sizes ranging from 5.3 kW (1.5 T.R) to 98.5 kW (28 T.R) with air flow from 1000 m3/h (600 CFM) to 17000 m3/hr (10000 CFM) with minimal noise through suction, discharge and radiation sections. The unit models (PWSP15 – PWSP65) have three speed centrifugal fans (low, mid and high)

  • Low sound compressor with low discharge pulse levels which ensures quiet operation
  • Sound jacket kit for compressor
  • All compressors used are approved to operate as a heat pump compressor.
  • The motor protector used inside the compressors is mounted internally and its proven design is the result of.
  • Petra`s coils are designed to deliver their duties at optimum performance for all design conditions. Coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum fins
  • All coils are air pressure tested at 450 Psi, under water to avoid leakage. They also undergo dry chemical cleaning after manufacturing for optimum system cleanness
  • All units are provided with forward curved centrifugal fans of the Double Width Double Inlet (DWDI) type that are designed for maximum uniform air distribution
  • The fans are statically and dynamically balanced to ensure quiet operation and optimal performance
  • Easily accessible system components
  • Heavy duty mounting chassis for the whole unit, coated with weatherproof, polyester powder electrostatic paint, oven-baked to ensure maximum gloss and hardness
  • Anti-vibration mounts under compressor (rubber pad type)
  • Compressor jacket to isolate compressor noise Refrigeration
  • Expansion Device
  • Heat pump application (with suction accumulator as standard)
  • Liquid line shut-off valve (for three phase units)
  • Filter dryer (disposable for models PWSP 58 and above)
  • System is fully charged with refrigerant
  • Charging ports with charging nipples
  • Refrigerant strainer for single phase units
  • One-inlet, one-outlet water connections
  • Independent refrigeration circuits (for units with two compressors)
  • Four way valve for heat pump models Electrical
  • One main power entry
  • Control circuit breaker to protect the control circuit from short circuiting (for three phase units)
  • Contactor for each motor (compressor, pump and fan motors)
  • Internal thermal protection for motors
  • ON/OFF control switch for each compressor
  • Compressor time delay relay
  • High/Low safety pressure switches
  • Power supply monitor (phase failure relay) for three phase units
  • Hot gas reheat coil for humidity control
  • Liquid line moisture indicator sight glass
  • Pressure gauges (high/low gauges)
  • High pressure relief valve
  • Water regulation valve (loose item)
  • Water flow switch
  • Liquid receiver (check with PETRA factory for dimensions)
  • Ground current protection for compressor
  • Building automation system connection
  • Main power circuit breaker for the whole unit with an indoor isolator
  • External overload for compressor
  • Built-in electric heater as a supplement for the heat pump application
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