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Petra Package Units with Air Cooled Condenser & Hermetic Scroll Compressor


Petra Package Units with Air Cooled Condenser & Hermetic Scroll Compressor

PPH units are single packaged units with R407c/R410a/R134a refrigerant which are factory assembled, tested and shipped fully charged complete with compressor, evaporator and condenser coils, fans and controls. These packages are designed for outdoor installation, and are used for cooling only or cooling and heat pump application (optional). PPH units are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications and are available from 12 kW (40 MBH) to 645 kW (2,200 MBH) for R410a & R407c and from 12 kW (40 MBH) to 470 kW (1,600 MBH) for R134a

Quality design and construction make Petra`s air-cooled package units with hermetic compressors the preferred choice for applications utilizing DX cooling systems

Petra`s PPH series is designed for flexible capacity applications and easy installation and maintenance. PPH units are compact in design and are supplied in a complete package ready for operation, with no extra controls or additional items for installation. The PPH units have a single power point entry with simple connections

  • Quiet Operation with low sound power level units measured in accordance with the BS IS0 3744 standard by adopting the low noise scroll compressor, fans and specially designed refrigerant piping
  • Units are factory assembled, pre-charged, tested and provided with a single electrical connection point. On arrival to the job site, they are ready to be lifted to their operating position
  • PPH units meet the same high engineering and performance standards that are characteristics of all Petra air-conditioning systems
  • A wide choice of unit capacities and options are available to meet the precise design requirements
  • The advanced microprocessor controller enables the customer to select specific operating parameters according to particular needs
  • The PPH series exceeds the new ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency levels at both full load and part load efficiency
  • The PPH units offer compact footprints and the possibility for close-spacing installation to serve the areas that have space constrains
  • All the units in the PPH series are factory test run
  • All the units in the PPH series are produced in an ISO 9001-2015 listed manufacturing facility
  • Heavy duty mounting chassis for the whole unit; welded steel base with lifting lugs coated with weatherproof polyester powder electrostatic paint, oven- baked to ensure maximum gloss and hardness
  • Weatherproof oven-baked polyester epoxy powder electrostatic paint finish for sheet, and the base frame is painted with Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel that offers a highly durable gloss and hardness to protect it against outside affects
  • Modular design with multiple compressor executions provides flexibility for varying load conditions, and avoids total shut down of a unit during service of any of the refrigeration circuits
  • Easily accessible system components
  • Ample space for easy access to power and control panels
  • Design of the condenser and evaporator coils allows less installation space requirements
  • Rubber-in-shear mounting for the compressors
  • All units are shipped from the factory after being tested with safety and control devices set against client requirements
  • Variable pitch pulley for evaporator motor (for motors of 5.5 kW and less)
  • Exposed suction lines and other insulated pipes are wrapped in cheese-cloth and epoxy painted with the same color as the compressor. This gives further protection for the insulation against weather and other factors.
  • Independent refrigeration circuit
  • Liquid, discharge and suction pipes are all hard copper pipes which are formed using the highly accurate CNC pipe bending machine to minimize pipes brazed joints and increase system reliability.
  • All exposed copper pipes and headers are epoxy painted after being cleaned, to ensure pipe brazing is protected against all external conditions
  • High (manual reset) and low (auto reset) pressure safety switches (Capsule type; factory pre-set).
  • Components of each refrigeration circuit include: expansion device, liquid line shut off valve, liquid line solenoid valve (for cooling applications only), charging points with charge nipples, and refrigeration filter
  • Voltage monitor controller (phase failure relay)
  • Short cycling protection for compressors using controller
  • Control voltage is 220-240V / 1ph / 50-60 Hz for all components
  • Low ambient head pressure control by fan cycling (for units with 2 condenser fan motors and above)
  • Control circuit breaker for short circuit protection
  • Direct online start
  • Inherent motor protection for each compressor
  • Inherent motor protection for each condenser and evaporator fan motor
  • Copper tubes copper fins coil
  • Coil corrosion protection including polyurethane pre-coating (for aluminum fins) and polyurethane post-coating (for aluminum & copper fins)
  • Sound reduction options including low rpm condenser fan & compressor jacket
  • Hot water coil built inside the unit
  • Coil guard around the condenser section’s perimeter
  • 50 mm (2 inch) thick insulation for the evaporator side only
  • Other types of filters: bag filter, synthetic fiber media for flat filter, 50 mm (2 inch) or 100 mm (4 inch) thick flat filter, 50 mm (2 inch) pleated filter, 300 mm (12 inch) rigid filter, hepa filter or V-type filter
  • Economizer option with fresh, return and exhaust air dampers with actuators and return fan
  • Steam humidifier
  • Mixing box with manually operated fresh and return air dampers
  • Roof top arrangement (bottom air supply and return unit)
  • Roof curb mounting
  • Heat recovery by thermal wheel or heat pipe coil or plate heat exchanger
  • Heat pump units with reverse valve & defrost cycle control
  • Suction accumulator (for cooling units only)
  • Liquid receiver]
  • Oil separator
  • External pressure relief valve
  • Pressure gauges (High + Low)
  • Moisture sight glass indicator
  • Suction and discharge valves
  • Low ambient head pressure control by varying the speed of the condenser fan motor using a speed controller or frequency inverter
  • Motor actuator for fresh, return and exhaust air dampers
  • Totally fresh inlet air units
  • Building automation system interface
  • Unit mounted fused or non-fused disconnect service switch with external handle to isolate unit from power for servicing
  • Electric heater to supplement unit operation in case of heat pump mode operation or electric heater for heating purposes
  • Circuit breaker for each compressor
  • Circuit breaker for condenser and/or evaporator fan motors
  • Main power circuit breaker for whole unit with or without door isolator
  • Ampere meter and/or voltmeter installed on electric panel door
  • Earth leakage relay for the whole unit
  • External overload for condenser and/or evaporator fan motors
  • External overload for each compressor motor
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