Petra Dry Cooler Unit

Petra Dry Cooler Unit

Petra Dry Cooler (PDC) unit is the outdoor part of the ESC system which is designed to work under all normal conditions

Its low noise feature makes it suitable for all applications. Different capacities are available to match the PWSP series and one dry cooler or more is used for multi water source units in one building

  • Designed to work with Petra Water Source Units (PWSP Series)
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone system for closed water loop applications
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Condenser coils are designed to deliver their duties at optimum performance for all design conditions
  • Petra also provides its patented design for the condenser fan mounting. This new design offers low noise operation with high efficiency performance. All condenser fans are equipped with epoxy coated-wire guards.
  • All fan motors are IEC certified
  • Easily accessible system components
  • V-shaped air-cooled condensers for large capacity dry coolers
  • Galvanized C-channel steel base with lifting lugs painted with Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel that offers excellent coverage, and a highly durable gloss and hardness to the base surface in order to protect it against outside affects
  • Heavy duty mounting chassis for the whole unit, coated with weatherproof, polyester powder electrostatic paint, oven-baked to ensure maximum gloss and hardness
  • Coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum fins
  • All coils are air pressure tested at 450 Psi (3,100 kPa), under water to avoid leakage. They also undergo dry chemical cleaning after manufacturing for optimum system cleanness
  • All condenser fans are of the propeller (axial) type which are directly mounted on the motor’s shaft
  • All fans motors are premium efficiency totally enclosed, air-cooled, permanently lubricated induction type motors
  • Supply and return headers on dry cooler: Headers are seamless copper pipes epoxy painted after being cleaned, to maintain pipe material and brazing protected against all external conditions
  • Booster pump (one or two)
  • Pressure switch to control booster pump operation, by measuring the pressure drop across dry cooler inlet and outlet
  • External overload for each dry cooler fan motor
  • Built in system pumps
  • Low noise fans
  • Variable frequency drives for fan speed control
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