PAH – No Metal

No Metal through Air Handling Unit

No Metal through Air Handling Unit

Petra is introducing its revolutionary design for full no metal through Air handling units. Petra No Metal Through is applied fully to the whole unit frames & panels.

This range covers air flow rates from 472 L/s (1,000 CFM) to 23595 L/s (50,000 CFM) in a single piece unit. Custom designs are available up to 94,380 L/s (200,000 CFM).

  • 50 mm (2 inch) or 100 mm (4 inch) thick panel & frame design.
  • Fully injected polyurethane panels & frames.
  • Anodized extruded Aluminum frames G-14.
  • All panels are fixed in place by pressure fixtures without using any screws or bolts.
  • Unit leakage rate up to 12″ positive or negative pressure is Less than 1% of rated air flow rate.
  • Welded Galvanized steel C-channel pictured all over.
  • Paint Process is 5,000 hours certified or per ASTM 117 for salt spray path. It is powder sprayed oven baked polyester paint.
  • Double Wall G-90 galvanized steel with 50mm (2”) injected foam, 3 pcf insulation density as minimum
  • Thermally broken panels/doors along the full parameter
  • Standard panels/doors are galvanized steel with a machine applied foam gasket that seals all around its edges
  • Flat roof cover with standing top seams extended to make rain gutters along the unit perimeter to ensure positive rainwater drainage
  • Dampers are made with rigid aluminum frame with multi airfoil aluminum blades so as to reduce pressure drop and sound generated when air passes through the blades
  • Flat Filter can be Pleated (MERV 1 – 4), Synthetic (MERV 5) or Aluminum (MERV 7 – 8)
  • Coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum fins, with type-L, heavy wall, and seamless copper tubes for the coil headers
  • Coils are designed to deliver their respective duties at optimum performance under all design conditions, tested at 3,100 kPa (450 Psi) air pressure under water
  • Drain pan is made of 1.5mm (0.06 Inch) thick painted galvanized steel
  • Double Width Double Inlet (DWDI) Centrifugal fan (forward, backward or air foiled curved)
  • Stainless steel and aluminum panels/doors.
  • Inspection window (rectangular/circular).
  • Double sloped roof canopy with standing top seams and rain Gutters along the full canopy perimeter to ensure positive rainwater drainage.
  • Face and by-pass damper.
  • Mixing box module.
  • Damper could be linked for motorized operation.
  • Economizer section.
  • Vee Filter (available for pleated, synthetic & aluminum flat filter types)
  • Bag Filter / hepa Filter.
  • Copper tubes Copper fins coil.
  • Corrosion protection including polyurethane pre-coating and polyurethane post-coating
  • Stainless steel drain pan.
  • Single Width Single Inlet (SWSI) plenum fans.
  • Single Width Single Inlet (SWSI) EC fans.
  • Fan/motor drive assembly belt guard.
  • Heat Recovery including energy wheel, heat pipe & cross flow heat exchanger.
  • Gas Heater.
  • Steam Humidifier.
  • Additional sections including sound attenuator, diffuser, sand trap louver, droplet eliminator …etc.
  • Electrical options including electric heater, bulk head light, ultraviolet light, variable frequency drive (VFD) …etc.
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