Petra Signs Global Agreement with Siemens for Digital Building Technology

* Siemens will supply software, field devices and instrumentation for Petra

* manufacturing of HVAC systems globally

* First agreement of its kind for Siemens in the Middle East, second globally

* Boosts Jordanian and Middle Eastern manufacturing sector through integrated software solutions with a global reach


Siemens has signed an agreement to supply building technology to Petra Engineering Industries Company, a Jordan-based manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment with customers in more than 40 countries.

Under the contract, Siemens will provide hardware controllers, HVAC application software, building Desigo CC, field devices and instrumentation for Petra’s manufacturing of HVAC systems globally. This software, which will be sold and marketed by Petra across all its markets as part of its OEM offering, is based on the Siemens Controllers and Siemens OEM building management systems from Siemens. The partnership with Petra is the second of its kind for Siemens.

“This is a landmark partnership for Jordan’s manufacturing sector, strengthening the portfolio of a world-class OEM with smart building technology from Siemens,” said Markus Strohmeier, Senior Executive Vice President, Building Technologies Division, Siemens Middle East. “Together we can drive the adoption of intelligent, digitalized infrastructure around the world in pursuit of more efficient, livable cities.”

“This partnership represents the future of the HVAC industry. Petra, being one of the world leaders in the field of high-end engineered HVAC products, believes in this initiative. It is of paramount importance for the sake of our future to continue building smart, energy efficient and sustainable equipment. The world is changing and we need to be at the forefront of engineering development with all of our partners to deliver on our promise of creating a greener future. This partnership will ensure that we are able to meet that goal and develop state of the art solutions for our clients globally. ” said Firas Abu Wishah, Board of Directors Member, Petra

Siemens Building Technologies has customized the software to meet the client’s requirements and supports plug-and-play integration for Petra’s equipment. Siemens will also provide product support and the potential development of software product extensions from the Siemens Software Application and Integration Center, which supports OEMs like Petra, both in the planning phase and during operations.

Since 2017, Siemens Building Technologies has been providing fully customizable versions of the Siemens Controller platforms for OEMs. These versions use a modular software approach that allows the base product to be combined with optional features, building discipline libraries, system integrations and applications, and language packs.

Siemens software is the first integrated building management platform to cover the complete scope from small to large buildings and across building comfort systems (HVAC, room automation, energy efficiency), building safety and security (fire safety, intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, evacuation, extinguishing, gas) and energy distribution. Based on open protocols, state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive functionality, Siemens Software sets new industry standards. An intuitive user interface and integrated workflow management make it easy to engineer and operate building systems and increase the productivity of building operations.

The Controllers product range has both standardized and customizable control solutions that are designed for scalability, and operation in any type of OEM heating, ventilation and air conditioning application. The Siemens designs for controllers are based on in depth application expertise and decades of experience in manufacturing HVAC controls.

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Speech H E Birgitta Siefker-Eberle

Dear engineer Osama Hussien, dear Omar, dear Syed Tahir Nazir, lieber Herr Strohmeier, dear collaborators from Petra Engineering and from Siemens and dear Mr. Omar Abu Eid from the EU delegation,

It is a pleasure and an honour for me to address you at today’s ceremony and as German ambassador I am truly happy and proud to be part of this important signing ceremony.

Since a long time, Petra Engineering Industries Company is well-known to us as a highly professional enterprise producing globally requested heating, ventilating and AC equipment in a modern, state-of-the-art production site. Moreover, its Vice Chairman, Omar Abu Wishah, has for years supported our flagship here in Jordan, the GJU, with his advice and experience as a member of the BOT and has become a real friend of Germany as well as a personal friend.

You will have all read or heard about the London Initiative Conference, which took place 4 days ago, last Thursday to be precise, attended by HM King Abdullah Il, PM Omar Razzaz and many ministers and which highlighted Jordan’s attractiveness for investment in terms of its central geo-strategic position, its high amount of talented, well-qualified and aspiring young people as well as in terms of security and infrastructure.

The conference also showcased economic success stories in Jordan, which do exist. Petra Engineering Industries is in my view a perfect example of what Jordanians can achieve when they make efficient use of the human resource present in this country, and rely on their own capacities and achievements and not on the state to give them a job. Petra Engineering is a real highlight in Jordan’s business world that sets standards in innovation, reliability, professionalism and employee management and is a shining example for others to follow in Jordan.

This, I guess, must have also been the reason why Siemens chose to enter into a partnership agreement with Petra Engineering. I think with regard to Siemens no further input is necessary, certainly not from my side. You are represented well enough world-wide by your achievements and performance.

I would like, however, to mention how well we work together with Syed Tahir Nazir, Siemens’ CEO for the region. You have helped us in numerous situations and have generously supported our German Week in 2017 and our national days. Thank you and Siemens for that.

Given all this, it fills us with deepest joy and satisfaction that a successful Jordanian enterprise and a German global powerhouse like Siemens partner in a way that Siemens’ software for planning and building will make Petra Engineering’s production process even more. efficient and flawless.

I always knew that Siemens is active and present in this part of the world, but I did not know that its history with the Middle East dates back until 1 859, that has impressed quite significantly. You know very well, why the region is interesting for you today: economic growth, population growth, a population with a very high share under 30years, in Jordan far more than 60 %, and a corresponding need to invest in infrastructure.

In Jordan you can add to this the human capital of a big group of well-trained and skilled young people, eager to work the central location and a port. Therefore, I hope that the partnership agreement you are going to sign today will inspire others and will rouse the Siemens AC/s interest in more investment in Jordan.

But first and foremost, I wish this new partnership all the success needed and we will watch this new partnership with a lot of interest!

Thank you so much!