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About Us

Welcome to Petra Engineering Industries Co.

Petra Engineering Industries Co. was founded in 1987 with a broad vision to produce a wide variety of HVAC equipment that meet a diversity of application requirements and to export to major worldwide markets.

Our Projects

Petra air conditioner has been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. Its uniquely triangular design allows for an outlet with improved width and angle, and extra v-blades ensure that air is expelled farther and wider


Petra’s Role in Ozone Protection

Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and Refrigeration systems affect the environment and the ozone layer through the release of refrigerants into the atmosphere and also through the release of carbon dioxide when generating the power for operating the system through its life time.

Why Petra

Leadership and agility coupled with our innovative design and engineering capabilities give Petra the competitive edge it needs to bring to the market high quality HVAC equipment, which offers customers dexterous solutions in energy efficiency, ultra-low noise, and high standards of air quality and custom-made technologies that set new standards in the HVAC industry.

Petra Products

Our Products for Best Solutions, Perfect Design, High Quality & Premium Services

Our Products

Petra believes that success is achieved by a combination of high quality equipment at competitive prices with exceptional customer service.
At Petra, we strive to achieve superior quality and efficiency in our products to satisfy the requirements of our customers worldwide.
We are confident that our success in supplying a diverse variety of high quality HVAC equipment is a direct result of working in accordance with the following internationally renowned standards.

Petra News

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