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  Petra Water Cooled Modular Chiller (PWMC)


• Wide Range of Capacities:

 10-70 Ton capacity range, all AHRI certified

• High efficiency design up to 16.5 EER at AHRI conditions

• Compact design

• Easy installation and maintenance



Petra water cooled modular chillers feature new levels of compactness, reliability, redundancy, efficiency and serviceability and are available in the ranges of 35-246 KW per module. The chiller modules can be combined together up to 16 modules in cooling or heating mode. In addition to their application in new construction, modular chiller can be considered as a viable alternative for renovation jobs where it is impractical to repair or operate an existing system.

Modular chillers provide advantages such as lower installation costs, operation costs and maintenance costs. In addition to the wide variety of combination that can be utilized with the modular chillers, the possibility of future expansion can be achieved by adding modules.


• Each module is factory charged with non-ozone depletion R-410a refrigerant, which offers better efficiency and higher capacity

• More reliable design is provided by using dual scroll compressors with independent circuits for each module, in addition to using
   stainless steel brazed plate, hi-efficiency heat exchangers for condenser and evaporator

• Each module can be isolated by water isolation valves to enable maintenance for other modules for redundancy issues

• All module components are accessible and laid out in a way that enables the user to make full maintenance without disassembly of modules

• Unit design offers the use to add additional future modules and expand the unit to have more capacity if needed

• Available in heat pump and capable to provide hot water up to 55 C° (130°F), in addition to providing chilled water

• Modules can be operated in case of master controller fails

• Communication with BMS systems is available (BacNet, Modbus, Lon works)

• Additional factory installed options are available, like: manual or automatic water isolation valves, hot gas bypass, head pressure control, liquid
   receiver, suction accumulator and water differential pressure switches

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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