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  Thermal Break Air Handling Unit (PAH)


Petra is introducing its revolutionary and unprecedented design for full thermal break Air handling units. Petra Thermal Break is applied fully to the whole unit frames & panels. This range covers air flow rates from 472 L/s (1,000 CFM) to 23595 L/s (50,000 CFM) in a single piece unit. Custom designs are available up to 94380 L/s (200,000 CFM).


• 50 mm (2 inch) or 100 mm (4 inch) thick panel & frame design.

• Fully injected polyurethane panels & frames.

• Anodized extruded Aluminum frames G-14.

• All panels are fixed in place by pressure fixtures without using any screws or bolts.

• Unit leakage rate up to 12" positive or negative pressure is Less than 1% of rated air flow rate.

• Welded Galvanized steel C-channel pictured all over.

• Versatile & Modular design that can accommodate, filters, coils recovery (Wheel, Plate Heat Exchanger, Heat Pipe,  and Run around coils), Supply
  & Return for (DWDI or SWSI), Economizer, Mixing Box, Sound attenuators ……etc.).

• Panels can be made of galvanized steel (Different gauges), Aluminum or stainless steel.

• Paint Process is 5,000 hours certified or per ASTM 117 for salt spray path. It is powder Sprayed oven baked polyester paint.

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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