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  PPS Series (USA) – With Semi-Hermetic Compressors


• Wide Range of Capacities: from 10 T.R. to 250 T.R. @ 60 Hz

• Quiet operation

• VAV and CV Models

• Custom-made designs


Our rooftop package units are highly efficient and designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. They can be equipped with optional controls and accessories to fit customer requirements. Our packages are designed for quick and easy installation. These units may be used for cooling and heating.

Heating can be achieved using Gas heat or heating coils. Petra’s Rooftop Package unit is a one-piece air handling unit with cooling and heating capabilities and a condensing unit. Petra’s Rooftop Package is designed to achieve very low noise levels.


• With Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating or Screw Compressors

• Highly Energy Efficient, meets Title 24 of California’s Building Energy Standard

• Heavy Gauge welded galvanized structural steel “C” Channel base

• Exposed insulated refrigeration lines covered with special protective wrapping for long lasting resistance

• Unit Casing is fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel with oven baked polyester electro-static powder paint

• Equipped with complete line of accessories for safe operation and control

• Access doors for and easy maintenance of main components

• Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Constant Volume (CV) Models

• Independent Refrigeration Circuits 

• Premium Efficiency Motors as Standard

• Electronic Expansion Valve as Standard

• Low noise levels achieved by special indoor and outdoor fans

• Suitable for ultra-low noise applications by using Petra’s specially designed compressor compartments and sound attenuators for
   and/or supply air

• Heavy gage electrical panel welded all around and supplied with hinged doors and handles

• Electrical panel is divided into a power and control side

• Advanced Microprocessor controller (DDC) with BMS Integration

• Single power entry point

• External charging ports with caps for easy servicing of units

• Options Include:

        -   Different types of filters including 4" thick pleated flat filter, and rigid filters 
        -   Belt guards for fan/motor sheaves 
        -   Spring vibration isolators for fan-motor assembly 
        -   Low Ambient Head Pressure Control 
        -   Hot Gas Bypass Package 
        -   Copper fin coils 
        -   Polyurethane pre-coated aluminum fins 
        -   Hot water coils 
        -   Stainless steel drain pan 
        -   Stainless steel coil casings 
        -   Plenum AHU fans 
        -   DWDI backward or airfoil AHU fans 
        -   Gas heater with stainless steel exchanger 
        -   Electric heater 
        -   Environmentally friendly refrigerants, including R407c and R134a .  
        -   Recovery Wheels 
        -   Multi-Zone Option 
        -   Triple Deck Option 
        -   Air to Air Heat Exchanger 
        -   Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants: R 407c and R 134a

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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