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  Petra’s ESC System


• Wide Range of Capacities: R407c from 1.5 T.R. to 28  T.R. @ 50 Hz - 1.7 T.R. to 33 T. R. @ 60 Hz

• Quick and easy installation and maintenance

• Extremely high energy efficiency

• Advanced microprocessor control

• Higher COP in both heating and cooling modes


Petra's ESC (Energy Saving and Conservation) System is uniquely designed to enhance energy savings and produce an optimal reduction in power consumption. The ESC system consists of Petra's heat pump water source (indoor unit) which operates in either heating or cooling mode providing the required comfort conditions to the application space. The ESC system is made up of a closed loop of water; therefore loss of water is highly unlikely. Compared to other HVAC systems, Petra's ESC system is most suitable for multi-leveled and high rise buildings such as apartments, hotels, schools, hospitals and offices. Petra's ESC system is designed to eliminate power sharing problems between occupants by providing each user with their own indoor unit and pump. Therefore, each individual electricity bill leads to actual consumption per user. Another advantage of the ESC system is during the milder seasons such as spring and fall, occupants in the warmer and interior of the building operate the ESC system in cooling mode while occupants in the cooler end of the building operate the ESC system in heating mode. This case provides heat recovery and produces great energy savings in addition to increasing the COP significantly.


• A variety of features and options allows customization to suit any customer requirement

• Flexible Integrated Microprocessor control

• Minimal space required

• Water losses are insignificant

• Power sharing

• Simple piping system between indoor and outdoor unit

• No large circulating pump required

• Easy installation and maintenance

• No problem in low ambient in winter time

• Operates at different modes (heating & cooling) at the same time

• No visible outdoor unit affecting the building's appearance

• No 4-pipe system required, only 2-pipes for C/H

• Also available with R 134a

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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