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  Petra’s VWV System


• Wide Range of Capacities: R407c from- 10 T.R. to 180 T.R. @ 50 Hz - 10 T.R. to 200 T.R. @ 60 Hz

• Quick and easy installation and maintenance

• Wide Application Range

• Integrated System Control


Since 2003, Petra has committed itself to be an innovator in the energy saving HVAC systems with the introduction of the Petra VWV system. This system accommodates multiple indoor units by variable water volume control. The system offers large savings in energy and initial costs. The system may be used in multi-story buildings, office complexes, hotels, or any other type of project where high-energy savings are required.

The system is comprised of air-cooled water chillers (cooling + heating), indoor units with three way valves, a control package, pumps, expansion tanks, storage tanks, water piping and integrated complete system control.

Petra's VWV systems have been installed in leading banks, hotels, offices, restaurants and malls worldwide.


• Less power consumption in the system due to thermal storage tank and capacity Control modulating water valves

• Flexibility in installation. No limitation in distance between the indoor and outdoor unit

• Very efficient in high-rise buildings

• Safe system, since water is used inside the building as the cooling fluid

• Refrigerant is only used in the outdoor units

• Constant speed compressors are used

• No use for frequency inverter in this system

• No oil return problems

• Works up to 55°C ambient temperature

• Quick and easy installation of piping, with minimum labor skills required

• Capacity control modulation, down to 1% of load

• Advanced control with many different operation modes

• Individual control of indoor units

• Large capacity range

• No distance or elevation restrictions, whereas refrigerant flow systems are limited

• Does not require high technical expertise in installation or maintenance

• No refrigerant leak hazards in occupied areas

• Readily available spare parts in the market, and ease of maintenance

• Also availabe with R410 

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