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  PWSP Series – Water Source Units


• Wide Range of Capacities:

PWSPc - R407c from 1.5 T.R. to 28 T.R. @ 50 Hz - 1.7 T.R. to 33 T.R. @ 60 Hz 

• VAV application

• Compact design

• Custom-made designs



Petra offers a wide range of Water Source Units to fulfill specific customer requirements. The units are suited for residential and commercial applications. Different types are available including stack, ducted vertical and horizontal discharge units. These units are compact in design and extremely quiet compared to similar products on the market.


• Hermetic scroll compressors

• The units come in a variety of designs such as free standing ducted supply; ducted concealed stack and floor mounted cabinet type

• Heat pump units

• Supplementary electric heaters.

• For special cases where standard designs do not fulfill the customer's equipments, custom-made designs can be made

• Options include: electric heaters, compact sections, different fans and fan configurations (DWDI and Plenum), valve packages for water cooled
  condensers, DDC controller, evaporator coil coating, variable Frequency drives (VFD) for VAV applications, double skin panels, 5 cm (2.0") thick
  insulation, modular unit sections

• Environmentally friendly refrigerants: R 407c and R 134a

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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