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  PWC Decorative - High Wall Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit


• Wide range of capacities: from 3.5 kW (1 T.R.) to 12 kW (3.5 T.R.) 

• Ultra silent 

• Efficient power consumption 

• On-Board Valve Package


Our high wall chilled Fan Coil Units are uniquely designed units with an attractive appearance for all spaces, such as homes and offices among others. Petra focused on providing the luxury of individual room controls (cooling and heating) at very competitive prices. The system can be utilized in wide varieties of air-conditioned spaces by using our small capacity residential water chillers or larger capacity aircooled chillers. The indoor unit is provided with a completely concealed control package that includes all the necessary water and electronic control devices. Additionally, the indoor unit is provided with flexible pipes and shut-off valves for quick and easy connection to the system's water supply, return and drainage.


• Efficient power consumption

• Easy to handle washable air filter

• Single phase power supply

• Optional built-in 3-way valve and shut-off valve, electronic control package that includes a room thermostat for cooling and heating, airflow
   direction control, and a 3-speed fan

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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