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  CM Series Air Handling Units (Blower Coil Units)


• Wide range of capacities: from 1000 CFM to 10,000 CFM

• Easy to maintain

• High design flexibility 

• Custom-made designs


CM units are designed specially for small and medium air conditioning systems for commercial and residential applications such as houses, stores, shops, restaurants, commercial complexes, offices, laboratories, theaters, showrooms, etc. The units are designed to be easily installed and maintained. These units may be used for cooling and/or heating and are designed for concealed ceiling installation above false ceiling with ducted supply and return air distribution or ducted supply and free return. The units in this series consist of a coil, a fan-motor assembly, and a flat filter.


• Easy installation and maintenance

• Single skin panels are insulated by 2.5 cm (1") thick fiberglass as standard.  Double skin panels are available as an option

• Various types of filters are available including flat, synthetic, pleated, bag, V-type, etc.

• Fans can be forward or backward curved, depending on the requirements

• The fan-motor assembly is fixed on a floating frame for vibration isolation

• Coils can be supplied with cooling and/or heating coil

• Options include dampers for fresh and return air, and frequency inverters

• Selectable Coil Series offers a wide range of flexibility

• Different capacity selectable coils: 2 to 6 row cooling coil and 1 to 3 row heating coil

• Electric heaters are factory installed, pre wired and tested

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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