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  PASC CM Series


• Wide range of capacities:

PASC CM R 407C from 24 - 100 MBH @ 50 Hz

• Factory tested to verify performance and ensure high reliability
• Designed specifically to fulfill cooling requirements with high sensible heat ratio and accurate humidity control required by sensitive
  electronic equipment
• Simple installation and maintenance


Installed above the ceiling, Petra's PASC CM Precision Cooling systems control the cooling, humidity and air distribution required by sensitive electronic equipment. A range of sizes and configurations is available to meet varying sites' needs. The PASC CM is also easy to use. Advanced microprocessor technology allows easy, precise control, and menu-driven monitoring keeps you informed of system operation. These features, combined with Petra's quality construction and reliable components, guarantee satisfaction from installation through operation


• In split system the evaporator section is designed for ceiling installation. The cabinet and chassis are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  The unit can be easily serviced with maintenance accessibility to components and provides versatility in mounting locations. Internal cabinet
  insulation meets ASHRAE 62.1 requirements. The evaporator section includes the evaporator coil, R-407c unit charge, factory-mounted disconnect
  switch, direct-drive blower assembly and microprocessor control with wall mounted control box

• Outdoor Condensing unit with fan include scroll compressor, condenser coil, R-407c unit charge, fan, liquid-line solenoid valve , filter drier,  high
  pressure switch, and hot gas bypass. The unit is suitable for outdoor locations with low ambient conditions down to 17° C (0° F)

• Reliable refrigeration components featuring rotary or scroll compressors with copper tube aluminum fin coils provide high-efficiency and optimum

• Units are fully charged with refrigerant and come standard with quick-connect fittings to reduce installation time

• System controls include a microprocessor control. It provides temperature setpoint and sensitivity adjustment, humidity setpoint and sensitivity
  adjustment, digital display of temperature, humidity, setpoints, sensitivities, fan speed and alarm conditions

All models specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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